Freedom Through Technology

What Do Humans Really Want?

August 25, 2019 ยท

In this segment, Wallace Shawn interviews Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at MIT and noted political dissident. Shawn posits that what humans really want is material comforts. Chomsky rebuts this assertion in a most rigorous and thought-provoking manner, with deep implications towards what the truly important values of our society are and should be.

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The Geodigraph Economy

The traditional capitalist economic system operates on the assumption that large projects are only achievable by building large, permanent corporate entities, which raise capital by selling shares to wealthy investors, who then expect large returns on their investments, making profit--and…
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Shared Plunder is Shared Responsibility

The United States of America, as an independent nation, was built around roughly three organizing principles: Economic freedom Private property Personal responsibility All of these ideas trace themselves back to Enlightenment philosophers such as John Locke. Many of the founding…
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Futile Compromise: Why Centrism is Bankrupting the Political Left

Joe Biden cannot win. Most Americans know that their political and economic institutions have failed them. Millennials, coming up in the era of the Great Recession, have borne the economic brunt of neoliberal policy failures, being saddled with colossal college…
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Profit: Normal Human Behavior Gone Wrong Today

Over the eons it has been normal for human beings to generate excess. The central means by which excess supply of food or resources was generated was by the use of teamwork, usually working together to either hunt and gather,…
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Morality: Policy or Ideology?

  One can make a rather convincing argument, without stretching the bounds of credulity to any great extent, that the Democratic Party's stated policy goals are largely built on a loftier moral basis than those of its political rivals. Concern…
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I Do Not Value "Nice"

I do not value "nice". The tepid, lukewarm standard of civility that declares a politician who orders the mass murder of people of color in far-away lands superior if he does so while delivering an eloquent speech with a polished…

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